Advanced English Practice provides a wide language practice material for students preparing for the Cambridge Proficiency examination, or working at an equivalent level in universities or language schools. Its aim is to focus on areas of English with which students are already familiar, but which may need additional practice and reinforcement. 

The material is divided into four sections to develop proficiency in different aspects of the language. Two-thirds of the book is devoted to detailed grammar notes and exercises. 
For this new edition the layout has been redesigned in a larger format, the text has been revised throughout, and examples and exercises have been brought up to date. In addition, some new types of exercise have been included in order to familiarize students with contemporary kinds of examination questions. 

Advanced English Practice is useful for both reference and practice, and has great value to the teacher as a resource book. A key is provided at the end. making it suitable either for use in class or for self-study.

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